The Delta School
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Extended School Year

Delta School offers an Extended School Year program to ensure continuity of services. This program is not only available to the students of Delta, but students of other schools who are deemed eligible by the Local Education Agency. Eligibility for ESY is determined by a students’ tendency to regress following breaks from school and failure to recoup previously learned information.

ESY is a 7 week program that runs Monday thru Thursday from 9-2. ESY is an academic based program and follows I.E.P. goals. Services outlined in the I.E.P. are also continued through the ESY program. In addition to academics ESY is fun! It consists of educational based trips, barbeques, social and community activities to address the whole of the student. Children attending ESY are able to continue to work on their academics which allows for a smoother transition back to the fall and preventing possible regression.

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