The Delta School
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The Delta School is committed to providing our students with a rigorous, relevant and relational program that encompass a K-12 curriculum that is a blueprint for student success. As the world moves forward into the 21st century, information access is growing exponentially; demanding jobs are requiring more education and knowledge of technology.  The Delta School provides the general education curriculum with the appropriate accommodations, modifications and supplementary aids and services as indicated in each student's IEP. The Delta School curriculum is aligned with the PA Common Core Standards.

The Delta School implements the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model that examines 60 elements designed to inform instructional practices of teachers across four domains:

  • Domain 1:Classroom Strategies and Behaviors
  • Domain2: Planning and Preparation
  • Domain 3:Reflecting on Teaching
  • Domain 4: Collegiality and Professionalism

The Delta School staff is comprised of professionals from varying disciplines working in unison to assure the unique needs of each student are being met. Our staff consists of Highly Qualified special education teachers, paraeducators, 1:1 aides and various service providers. Service providers are employed by the Delta School, not outsourced by outside agencies. Services include speech, mental health, occupational therapy and nursing. For full descriptions, click on services.
Curriculum Resource Series
  • Treasures- Macmillian/McGraw -Hill  A Reading/Language Arts Program Grades K-8
  • Lucy Calkins -Reading and Writing Project/ Units of Study Grades 3-5
  • Glencoe Math Curriculum McGraw-Hill K-12
  • Glencoe- Literacy Curriculum- McGraw-Hill K-12
  • enVisionsmath Pearson K-6
  • SRA Corrective Reading Program- McGraw-Hill
  • KeyMath-3 Essentail Resources- Progress Monitoring
  • Aimsweb- Progress Monitoring
  • Brigance Transition Skills Activities Curriculum
  • Stopand Think Social Skills Curriculum
  • SRA benchmark Assessment Imagine It

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