The Delta School
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The Delta School is committed to providing our students with a tailored, individualized academic program. In order for our students to receive the individualized attention our classes have only 7 to 10 children, with a  Highly Qualified special education teachers and a minimum of 1 para-educator. Children are placed in a classroom based on academic levels and chronological age. Our staff to student ratio is 1:2. In addition, the Delta School is committed to the preparation of students for higher education, career and vocational pursuits and the overall ability to transition successfully into society.  

The Delta School staff is comprised of professionals from varying disciplines working in unison to assure the unique needs of each student are being met. Our staff consists of Highly Qualified special education teachers, paraeducators, 1:1 aides and various service providers. Service providers are employed by the Delta School, not outsourced by outside agencies. Services include speech, mental health, occupational therapy and nursing. For full descriptions, click on services.  
Delta School is committed to implementing the Common Core State Standards and the school's curriculum is aligned with the standards. Students receive instruction in all major areas including: mathematics and English language arts and literacy in history/social studies, science and technical subjects. Academic work in these areas translates into high school students earning the necessary 24 credits to graduate.
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